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Weekend Break

Looking for a long Weekend Break?

Lumby Hall looks like a stunning place to stay, so what is there to do around the area if we book this for a long weekend break.

Our group has several kids so events need to be suitable.

Well Yorkshire will not disappoint & you have all the following on your doorstep.


York is only a quick journey away along the A64 and is a major tourist hub. Plenty to see, visit, eat & explore – perfect day out. Convenient parking up by the railway museum to explore the City

The city was founded by the Romans as Eboracum in 71AD and today the the city is circled by the roman walls which can be walked.

Then came the Vikings in 866AD and from the old norse word Jorvik, York became a major trading route until the last ruler, Eric Bloodaxe was driven from the city in 954AD. You can experience what is the city used to be like at this time at the Jorvik Viking CentreĀ 

Next came William the Conqueror & during this time the first stones were laid for what is now York Minster

Adjacent to the Minster are the Shambles which originally in medieval England were the open-air slaughterhouses, but now they are mix of restaurants, bookshops, bakeries and independent shops. While away an afternoon rambling throughout the shambles & visit the home of Gunpowder plot member Guy Fawkes or Guido Fawkes as he was also known

With the arrival of the Railways, York thrived and is now home to the National Railway Museum where you can immerse yourself in iconic locomotives and engineering brilliance.

There are also the York Dungeons, The York Castle Museum, Travel along the River Ouse with a City Cruise or just explore the beautiful York Museum Gardens and perhaps be part of the York Mystery Plays.

Leeds & Bradford

Interesting fact – its only 11.8 miles between the centre of Leeds & Bradford & have been rivals for centuries competing to be the dominant northern power house during the industrial revolution on this side (the right side) of the Pennines.

Most of the architecture reflects the wealth that the production & trading of wool and later flax generated.The industrial revolution brought the Leeds-Liverpool canal and then the railways connecting the cities with the rest of the country. As the railway snakes it way into the south of Leeds city centre a trio of fine Italian renaissance buildings dot the landscape built by factory owners of the time – you could believe you are in Verona.

So aside from the grand buildings what is there to do in Leeds & Bradford? Starting in Leeds a visit to see the Henry Moores in the art gallery then perhaps some retail therapy in Thornton’s Arcade, Victoria Arcade, Corn Exchange or grab a falafel in Kirkgate Market, which has a claim to be Europe’s largest indoor market. An afternoon spent in the Royal Armouries is a perfect way to be entertained watching the knights battle it out in live jousting competitions. So many quality eateries to choose from, maybe the Michelin starred, The Man Behind the Curtain to a tasty pizza nera at Culto. A visit to the Brudenell Social Club to watch a top indie band tops a perfect day out. Its only 30 minutes then back to Lumby Hall.

Moving onto Bradford, if you like your industrial heritage a visit to the industrial museum is a must or the National Science & Media Museum which is brilliant for kids. Plenty of shows to see at the Alhambra theatre or a trip to visit the Bronte sisters in Haworth. So many civic spaces to explore including Lister Park and Peel Park. A trip to Bradford would not be complete without experiencing the curry capital of Britain if not the world, with over 200 Asian restaurants to choose from – the Leeds Road is home to Jinnah’s, Akbar’s and the Aagrah – their reputations precede them. Down the M606, M62, A1(M) and your back at Lumby Hall.

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